How to earn Bitcoins on MakeBTC.net?

There are two opportunities to earn Bitcoins here. You can invest some Bitcoins on your balance and make a PowerUp. Then you will receive income from all other users' PowerUps.

I made a deposit but my balance does not grow. What to do?

You have to make a PowerUp to start earning Bitcoins. You can see PowerUp button on your account page and an input field to the left of the button. Enter the amount on which you want to make PowerUp and press PowerUp button. Now you will receive income from all other users' PowerUps.

How long does it take to confirm my deposit?

Bitcoins will be credited to your balance after 1 confirmation.

How does it works? How to start mining?

Read the How it works page at navigation menu please. If you still have questions then write us using contact us form at the bottom of the page.

Do you have banners?

Our banners are located at referral page.

Why my account Power became 0?

Restart was happened. Restart equalize all users, regardless of the date of their entry into the project. When the total amount of all users' Power voted for restart exceed 50% then timer will start. Timer lasts 24 hours. The restart will happen if the count of votes will be more than 50% till timer ends. Read more about restart here