How it works

Our unique platform using an ingenius and honest formula charging of profit for you, which we will tell you now.

Power - is the main factor of any account. The more is user's power the more bitcoins he earns.
Every user can purchase some Power. This action called PoweUp. One Power equivalent to one Bitcoin.
All bitcoins, which where spent on PowerUp, distributes between all users that have Power more than zero.
The more is user's Power the more is user's share of each PowerUp. Here's a simple formula:

Profit = PowerUp * ( User Power Power Sum )

Profit - User's income from each PowerUp
PowerUp - Amount of user's investment
User Power - User's Power to whom income accures
Power Sum - Power sum of all users


Imagine that Power sum of all users is 9(Power Sum = 9).
You spend one Bitcoin on PowerUp. Now your Power is 1 and Power sum of all users becomes 10.
After that, one of the users makes PowerUp spending one Bitcoin on it.
This Bitcoin distributes between all users including you.
Your share of this investment is 10% (Your Power / Power Sum) = 1/10 = 10%.
You receive 0.1 BTC of this investment and continue receiving Bitcoins from all further investments.


Minimum PowerUp is 0.00001 BTC
Minimum Withdrawal is 0.0001 BTC 10% will be deducted from each withdrawal

Power selling:

All users that have Power more than zero can sell it to another user. The seller specifies price in the range from 1% to 50% of the standard price and the amount of Power that he is willing to sell. Sellers’ bids are display in the Market. The most profitable bid in the Market will participate in the Power Selling when the next PowerUp will be made.

The buyer receives Power in the amount of PowerUp made plus bonus specified in the Market. The seller loses Power in the amount of PowerUp and gets Bitcoins in equivalent specified their prices. PowerSum increases by bonus value and this value is distributed among all users of the system as usual way.


A user sells Power at the price of 30%. Another user makes a PowerUp by 1 Bitcoin. The seller gives his 1 Power to buyer and receives an award in the amount of 0.3 Bitcoins. The buyer receives 1 Power from seller and a bonus of 70% of the PowerUp amount. Buyer’s Power is increased by 1.7 in total. PowerSum increases by 0.7 and the same value is distributed among all users of the system in the usual way.


Restart equalize all users, regardless of the date of their entry into the project.
If restart will happen, Power Sum and each users' Power will be degrade to zero.
Every user having Power has ability to participate in restart voting.
The more user's Power is the more his voice means.
If the Power Sum is 10 and User's Power is 1, his voice will be 10% of the remaining votes.

When the total amount of all users' Power voted for restart exceed 50% then timer will start.
Timer lasts 24 hours.

The restart will happen if the count of votes will be more than 50% till timer ends.
Power Sum and each users' Power will be degrade to zero and the game will be start from the beginning.
Users' balance will not be affect by restart. It can be use in future game.

Affiliate program:

Each user have an affiliate link. If other person comes to our website by this link and Signs up than he will be considered as your Referral(Only unique IP will be counted). 5% of each deposit will be given to inviter. Those bitcoins you can withdraw or use for PowerUp. In this way, you can participate in our project without investments.